I have a very short lead time, can you assist me?

Absolutely, with just one call to Show Services we will immediately dispatch an experienced crew to deliver the services you need, anywhere in the Continental United States. Making a last-minute decision to attend a trade show or to expand services is not a problem.

Can I install and dismantle my own booth?

This varies city to city, check with Show Services management to verify each city’s guidelines.

Can I use my own labor?

This varies city to city, check with Show Services management to verify each city’s guidelines.

If I order labor, must I be present for the work to take place?

Rest assured, if you have placed the order and paid in advance for labor, the labor will begin at the requested time. If you will not have a representative present, please include a design plan or any other necessary instructions for the employees to complete the construction of your booth. Some booths may require a working supervisor.

How do I obtain pricing?

Please click the “Contact Us” link and complete the necessary information. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Show Services accepts all major credit cards, checks, and money orders.

What is the difference between advance pricing and floor pricing?

Materials ordered with full payment up to 2 weeks before the show date will qualify for a discounted price. Orders received after this date will be provided at the Standard Show Price.

If I over pay on my account how will my refund be processed?

Refunds will be sent once the final invoice has been processed.

Booth packages- my booth package includes 2 arm chairs but I want 2 stools, can I trade?

Items that are provided as part of a booth package have no trade in value. If you desire items not offered in the booth package you will need to order them separately. Ordering early will qualify for discount pricing and will save you money.

Can I carry my own materials in without using the freight-handling service?

As a general rule, you are not allowed to carry your own materials in and must use the general contractor’s laborers to transport your booth supplies. Depending on the state, city, or show you may be able to carry your own materials.

What is drayage?

Drayage, or Material Handling, is a service that includes unloading your shipment, transferring it to your booth, storing and returning empty containers, and reloading your shipment onto your designated outbound carrier at the close. Drayage may occur at Advance Warehouse or the dock of the Show Site. The fee Exhibitors pay will depend upon when the shipment arrives and is unloaded. Drayage fees are paid to the Show Contractors and are separate from the fees paid to the freight carrier.

How can I save money on Material Handling or Drayage?

You can save money by providing specific details regarding your freight and shipping early to the warehouse or show site.

Where will my empty containers be stored during the show? Is there a price for storage?

If you will have empty containers, please place EMPTY stickers (EMPTY stickers will be made available at the Exhibitor Services Desk) on at least 2 sides of your crates as soon as they are emptied. These containers will be removed and stored near the dock area or at a specified staging area during the show at no extra charge. You will not have access to the storage containers during the show, however they will be delivered as soon as the dismantle begins.